Russian Language and Culture Through Film


Elena A. Maksimova

Daniel L. Swanwick


Version 1.0.2


The films contained in this project are listed in field to the left. Each episode presents the user with a short excerpt from the film accompanied by a full transcript and a series of questions specific to that clip.


Particular words in the transcript can be clicked to reveal an English gloss. In addition to the episodes, there are questions about the film as a whole (вопросы к фильму) and topics for discussion (темы для обсуждения).

References to verbs in the dictionary will always give imperfective before perfective when both forms exist (НСВ/СВ). Aspectual forms are separated by a slash. If only one aspect is appropriate in the context of the discourse, then the aspect given will be marked. If a verb has more than one form for the imperfective or perfective of a pair, both forms will be given. In those instances where verbs of motion are involved, the imperfective indeterminate (multidirectional) will precede the imperfective determinate (unidirectional) followed by a double slash and the perfective form (e.g. ходить/идти//пойти).


Answers to the multiple-choice questions (both the вопросы к эпизоду and the вопросы к фильму) can be submitted electronically (where organized through the instructor) or by printing the answers locally (using the Printable Version link at the top of the question page).

If your instructor has directed you to answer the assessments electronically, please send an email to, including your first and last names, email address, initial password, and course identification number (if your instructor provided you with one) in the body of the message. This information will be used to create your account in our electronic grading system.

Instructors: Please send an email to to initiate a request for electronic grading of your course.

System Requirements:

In order to fully exploit the features of these clips, it is recommended that you have the following hardware and software:

• Windows: Windows XP or later; Updated Quicktime plugin
• Macintosh: MAC OSX; Updated Quicktime browser plugin

Known Issues:

• The Quicktime clips may not play in Chrome browsers; use Safari, Mozilla, or Internet Explorer
• For some film clips (e.g. Осенний марафон, эп. 5) there is a long lead-in time before the content appears.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or bug reports regarding this CD-ROM, please email

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